Friday, December 15

Is America's Next Top Model Sending The Wrong Message to Young Women?

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What kind of messages is “America’s Next Top Model” sending to young girls when the latest winner 19-year old Ann Wards waist is so small that a man can fit his hands around it?

There are as many as ten Million Americans many of whom are young impressionable women with serious eating disorders ranging from anorexia to bulimia according to the National eating Disorder Association.

There are already enough young women with self-esteem issues related to weight and teen depression and in some of the more extreme cases suicide. I just wonder if the show is being responsible and aware of the message it may be sending to some of its young women viewers.

Marisa Sherry, a New York-based nutritionist specializing in eating disorders was quoted saying,

“I don’t know what this model is doing, but some of my clients are as skinny as these girls,” and she went on to say,

“My clients are restricting or purging in order to get their bodies that way.”

Ann Ward who stands 6’2″, and claims to have been bullied in school because of ultra slim frame said,

“All those comments about being tall and just not normal. They’re going to look back and feel ‘I should have been so nice to that girl.'”


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