Wednesday, December 13

I Want to Connect My Television to My Personal Computer

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You can connect your television to your personal computer with Windows XP as your operating system. It’s like having a giant computer screen to view. It’s a very simple connection. The operating system will by design detect your new display and construct accordingly. It is a simple plug-and-play operation.

Turn off your computer for now. Plug your DVI (digital visual interface) end of a DVI-to-RCA cable into the DVI port on the computer.

Attach the RCA cables to the RCA ports located on the television back. Match each cables color correspondingly to the correct port. It’s usually set up yellow for video, red and white are audio.

Press the input button on your television remote control while waiting for the RCA frequency to show on the television screen. When the RCA frequency shows on your computer screen you are ready for the final step.

Start your computer. Windows XP will automatically detect the new monitor.

This is a wonderful way to use your television for a full size monitor.

You have connected your television to a personal computer. You can use your television as a giant computer screen. This is great for giving presentations, watching streaming video and so much more. In addition, it was simple as pie.


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