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Social Bookmarking Sites With No Follow Links

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Link weight is not the easiest thing to get a lot of these days, as more and more sites are only allowing you to post no follow links, which have no benefit at all to your Google rating, save a little benefit from extra traffic.

Social bookmarking sites like Friend Feed, Mister Wong, Stumble Upon, Twitter, and many others are completely useless for boosting your Google rating, because they have no follow links. All of them.

There are very few that I could find that actually do have do follow links. One was Digg, that’s a pretty good one, another good social bookmarking site that actually pays you is RedGage.

Google Buzz is a good do follow social bookmarking backlink, so long as you make your Google profile public. I am not real certain about Yahoo Buzz, I wouldn’t trust it, but it does inform them about your site.

Linked in seems to work, and Mixx does, but I just don’t know anymore. I thought that when I was given a list of sites that I should be making backlinks from, that they would all be do follow links, but almost half of them seem to be completely useless.

If you want to check for yourself whether a social bookmarking site has no follow links, (which do not let link weight flow, and don’t boost your Google rating), or do follow links, you can download this free SEO browser add-on from, and one of the tools is a little button to press to immediately see no follow links.

I recommend using another browser add-on called Add This, which is also free to download. It has a list of hundreds of sites to make backlinks from, but just remember to check the page that is public on the net, and make sure the links are do follow, and also try to find your public profile in a Google search as well, so you know that it has a good page rank.

Another way to make a good do follow link is from another article writing site, and I recommend Triond for do follow links. If you want to get paid more, and have a multi-level referral program, you should stick with Bukisa. Do follow links from your articles aren’t so important if you are interested in promoting your articles, and not a website.


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