Thursday, December 14

Important Information on Stress

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Stress is a natural part of our life, it can be both mental and physical and it can come from everyday workload pressure, everyone of us would have handled the stress in different ways, some of them always better than others.  As you have been known that Stress can create many problems in the practical life like physical, emotional, and behavioral disorder which can affect the heath by direct as well as indirect ways. 

Stress also would have caused the problems in vitality, peace of  mind, personal relationship  with everyone in our day today life.  However in general many things can cause stress to many more peoples like major and minor problems , disappointments, thinking about the worries all the times, lack of sleep , lack of eating habits, having the headache, chronic pain, and back pain very often. We need to follow some kind of action to avoid the stress in the life, like to feel more realistic, need to do exercise of physical and mental, for the period of 15 minutes everyday, we need to enjoy the hobby and to forgets the worries, need to enjoy the good life style all the times, and need to enjoy good foods, and better to avoid intake of   alcohol, caffeine, etc.,

Still if you have been thinking that you have more stress in your life then you must need to talk to your doctor and he is the one to guide in proper manner, because reaction to stress can be a factor in depression, anxiety and other related, disorder to our health.  It is always recommended to visit to the Psychologist and would need to get proper advise .


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