Tuesday, December 12

Looking For What's on Dvd?

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It’s vital to stay informed about the latest technology concerning DVDs. It’s important if you take your DVD viewing experience seriously. Technology changes so much so fast that what you buy today is obsolete by the end of the week. That doesn’t mean you have to continually purchase a new DVD. However, if you ever would like to update your DVD or Blu-ray collection you can update it with an informed decision.

There are some great sites online for DVD and Blu-ray material.

  • www.dvdfile.comis a website created by Peter Bracke. This website is a DVD and Blu-ray resource for those of us that are interested in DVD information. It includes upcoming releases, most craved, release dates and a forums. Visually appealing and a great source for DVD content information and a look ahead at what’s coming out on DVD
  • www.thedigitalbits.com. This particular website offers information concerning DVDs and Blu-ray reviews, giveaways, DVD discussion groups and a column by the site owner Todd Dugan sharing his latest views on a lot of DVD information. There is a newsletter you can subscribe to if interested as well as t-shirts you can order.
  • www.dvdresource.comis a an online site for renting DVD, offering Netflix and Blockbuster online rentals, funny video clips, you can purchase online movies and buy music online in addition to DVDs

These are great websites if you’re looking for a DVD or Blu-ray, reviews of current or past DVDs and Blu-rays or forums to discuss your favorite DVDs and Blu-ray.  


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