Monday, December 11

End of The Year

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Is it December already

Ever since I started this semester back in late August

The time has flown by so fast

Maybe I took to many credits

But I am doing so well in my classes

Things have been odd this year

For me

I can make a list of them but I fear

It will be longer than what I can say

I have about two weeks left of this semester

I have two finals that are take homes

Which is fine with me because

I can spend time at home doing

More homework and studying

I am proud of myself for getting an

Education and pushing myself

Beyond the necessary means of

What is possible for me?

I have grown up a lot

In these past couple of years

That means a lot for me to

Be this new person instead

A jail bird and not getting an


What is my purpose in life?

I know a couple of things that

Come to mind is

Getting an education and bettering myself

What is the purpose of bettering myself throughout life?

I do not know the answer to this question but

Ever has the meaning or something

More power to them.


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