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i Need to Know What Tivo is

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A trendy digital recording device is called TiVo. TiVo records, plays and rewinds your favored television programs and movies. Cable companies provide other products that offer comparable services. If you are thinking about buying a TiVo there are advantages and disadvantages in using TiVo as your VCR service.

TiVo permits you to view your recorded program in HD (high definition) picture levels. The programming and interface both are in HD. The interfaces are the menus that allow you to search and select the program you want to watch on your TiVo.

TiVo also lets the user surf the web by means of a broadband internet link. You can stream movies from sources such as Netflix, Amazon and Blockbuster straight to your TiVo device. You have the ability to view weather, news and social network updates via a feed on the screen of the television.

There are models of TiVo that allow recording of up to 150 hours of HD television. Other models provide 45 hours of recording program.

TiVo is more expensive than all of the DVR services available on the market. To enjoy TiVo you are required to purchase the TiVo box at $500 and pay a monthly service fee.

It does include parental controls. You provide a list of programs your children can watch. In addition, a list of favorites can be set for your favorite channels and shows. You can record television content when you’re not at home.

The TiVo does allow you to transfer your TiVo programs from the device to your laptop or desktop. This is nice when you want to watch your recorded programs while someone else can watch their recorded program using the TiVo device.


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