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Russia – "mafia State"

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Russia is corrupt, autocratic kleptocracy *, which revolves around the leadership of Vladimir Putin in which bureaucrats, oligarchs and organized crime are linked, forming a literal mafia state. It said in a published by the website “Wikileaks” ( secret American documents quoted by British newspapers.
Arms trafficking, money laundering, personal enrichment, patronage of thugs, blackmail and bribery, money and suitcases with secret bank accounts in Cyprus – thus leaked diplomatic telegrams describe the Russian political system, it is often difficult to distinguish between activities authorities and organized crime, writes The Guardian (see article).
Russian mafia bosses use intelligence about criminal operations
such as trafficking of arms, de facto authorities pravoprolagashtite patronize criminal networks bribery act as a parallel tax system for personal enrichment of the militia, officials of the Federal Security Service and other agencies are among the most striking statements.
The main information comes from the Spanish prosecutor Jose Gonzalez,
which more than 10 years trying to uncover the activities of Russian organized crime in Spain.
At a meeting with U.S. officials in January, he said that Russia was “literally a mafia state” in which one can not distinguish between the activities of government and organized crime groups.
In his words, there is evidence that certain political parties in Russia are connected with the mafia.
He said intelligence officials have organized
deliveries of weapons to Kurdish groups
through the Russian mafia to destabilize Turkey.
In a document from February 8, 2010 sent by the U.S. embassy in Madrid to Washington, Gonzalez argues that the sale has pursued one of the bosses of the Russian mafia – Zachary Kalashov, located now in prison in Spain.
According to the Turkish television channel NTV these findings may lead to tension in relations between Turkey and Russia.

NTV television quoted a Swedish expert on security issues Svante Cornell, who said that Russia is using the PKK as a trump to prevent Turkey to assist the Chechen activists. Cornell added that the Soviet Union in 80 years has supported the PKK.
According to documents published in The Guardian,
Russian authorities stood behind the case of cargo ship “Arctic Sea,
suspected in 2009 that carried missiles to Iran, notes the Guardian.
Daily Telegraph quoted a document in which senior U.S. diplomat said that
Putin probably knew in advance
plan for the murder of former KGB agent ba Alexander Litvinenko in London (see article).
Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Daniel Fried to doubt that agents of the Russian security services could act so strongly in the UK without the knowledge of Putin.
Under the headline “Millions Putin” (see article) also quoted newspaper reports of former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, according to which Putin had a secret illegal assets outside Russia.
Rice learned of the Russian opposition representatives that Putin also tried to arrange safe transfer of power, when he left the presidency in 2008 because he wanted to avoid investigation by law enforcement agencies.
* Form of government in which government decisions are motivated mainly by the immediate material interests of a narrow circle of people who are in power


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