Wednesday, December 13

Earn Free Money Online Chatting

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Yes it is possible! I am not saying you will earn an income or even close to that, however all you have to do is chat and you can make money. It is simple the more ads that are read on the site the more money the owners of the site make. This is how all ads systems work on the Internet. When an ad is clicked the owner of the site makes more money.

So this site is basically offering a piece of their earning to those people who are on the website posting different discussion topics, responding to other peoples discussions and just chatting on their message boards.

They have a minimum payout of $10.00USD which is transferred to a paypal account. The earning are slow, and it can take some time to reach payout. But they DO pay when you have reached your $10.00USD. The amount you have earned in updated daily. You can also earn for using their search engine and having referral’s.

I have used this site, I like that I can make money doing something I was going to do anyways! Asking a question, or opinions on different products. I have gained so much knowledge of other peoples cultures and lifestyles. The money earned over time is just a bonus, it was very nice to wake up and see $10.00 unexpectedly in my paypal account.

So if chatting online in a message board setting it something you like to do check out MyLot and earn something while doing it.


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