Sunday, December 17

Annoying Things People do in Public

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Annoying Things People do in Public

1. Taking too much time at the ATM – It’s always a huge displeasure to be following someone who is taking too long at the ATM. How difficult is it to figure out how much money you have to deposit or withdraw? The experience of waiting for your turn ought to give you that much time to think, right? But no. For some reason, 2 minutes is not enough for some people. Sometimes they even take 5 minutes. The highest amount of time that I’ve ever observed a person take at the ATM was an arduous 11minutes and 28 seconds. What the hell’s wrong with you people?

2. Having a nice chat in the escalator’s way – Boy is this another one of those annoying things! Once I was queued up for my turn on an escalator. I was wondering what could possibly have been the problem. I thought to myself that there was no way that a moving escalator could have any reason for it not to be utilized, unless of course it was not working to begin with (otherwise there would not be any reason for a queue to be there to begin with). Lo and behold, it was just a simple conversation among a group of friends. How often have you been in a situation wherein there were 2 or 3 idiots chatting idly on the landing step of an escalator? These people are so damn inconsiderate of others. Either that or they simply do not use their common sense.

3. Pressing the UP button outside the elevator when they want to go down(or vice versa) – Have you been on an elevator which stops at floors that are not selected from inside and noone suspiciously comes in? Often this happens because of people’s general impatience. For instance, a person on the tenth floor wants to go to the ground floor. Instead of pressing only the Down button, he presses both the Up and the Down buttons. That way, he increases the chances of him finding an elevator that would take him to where he wants to go, right away. To those of you who do this, please be considerate of the fact that there may be other people who have places to go to and you wanting to go right away cannot be at their expense.

4. Lifting feet up in a movie house –  I almost beat up a guy when I was in a movie house once. I was leisurely enjoying the movie when I felt the need to stretch a little. I brought my arms to the back of my head and, to my surprise, I felt the detailed pattern of the sole of a shoe. There was an idiot who had his foot resting so comfortably behind the head rest of my seat. I stood up from my own seat and grabbed him by the collar because I felt so insulted. Fortunately for him, there was a movie usher who stopped me from making a bigger difference in his life that day. People have to know how to behave in a movie house. Shoes are constantly in contact with the dirty ground, and placing them in such proximity with someone else’s head is simply undignified.

5. Not reading signs on doors – I don’t think there is any problem if a business establishment chooses their doors to be the kind that either swings inward, or outward. Certainly there are doors which swing both ways, but there is nothing inherently wrong with using a door which swings only one way. Many business establishments have taken the responsibility of using written signs on such details. The problem is there are a lot of idiots who do not read when they are supposed to. I myself feel like an idiot when I give the kind of advice which says, if the door says push, you push; and if it says pull, you pull. But really, who’s the idiot? ‘Nuff said.

If there are any of you who wish to air out observations that they have made about annoying things people do, please do comment. We need to let the whole world know what it doesn’t know and what it should know for everyone’s sake. Let’s make this world a bit less idiotic. After all, ignorance is never an excuse. 


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