Monday, December 11

Does Swapping Comments Boost The Google Rating of Your Articles?

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Swapping comments can boost the Google rating of your articles, and it is not just a matter of getting views from the people commenting. If you want to boost the Google rating of your articles, the thing you should be aware of is search engine optimization, which is the art of trying to give Google all the signs that your article is relevant, high quality, and popular.

One of the algorithms that Google use to rate your content is the traffic algorithm, and they may even have an algorithm for the number of comments as well, I don’t know, but it seems like the more I have been commenting, the better my articles have been doing in a Google search.

At first, I didn’t understand the idea of commenting on other people’s articles, because you can only comment on so many people’s articles in a day, and if you were only getting paid from the views from those people who returned your comments, it wouldn’t be worth it, but it seems there are many different reasons why the comment swapping strategy works well.

First, you are getting hits of traffic to your profile page, which boosts it’s Google rating and therefore the Google rating of all the articles that have do follow links leading from it.

Second, you are getting hits of traffic on the articles that are being commented on, which also boosts the Google rating of those articles.

Finally, when you comment on other people’s articles, you are making backlinks to your profile, which even within the one domain can be a pretty good way to boost your Google rating, and can lead to even more traffic coming to your profile.

I have been commenting on about fifty articles a day or more for a few days now, and yesterday my most successful article got 1400 views, more than it ever has before. There may be no connection, or it may be that swapping comments has had a really beneficial effect on my Google rating, I don’t know.

Daily views tend to fluctuate, but I will continue this strategy of swapping comments, along with my other strategies of using lots of keywords, and making backlinks.

It is important to know all aspects of SEO, and learn through trial and error which are the best strategies to boost your Google rating, but I think swapping comments is working pretty well for me, so I will keep doing it for now. If you haven’t joined Bukisa, sign up below.


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