Friday, December 15

Nikon D60

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 How do you describe you camera or DSLR? Nikon D60 is cheap price that you could get for beginner. It only cost about RM2000 with kit lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX “VR” lens. However, you could not find Nikon D60 anymore, because the market now is are selling Nikon D3000/D5000 or Nikon D90.

 What are the important features that newbie will miss when dealing with D60?

1.10 Megapixels – It is good thing that this higher that D40 ( which is 6 Megapixels) or D40X. However one could argue that it is useless if the images taken is blurred. It also mean that high Megapixels will affect the size of the images.

2.3.0 fps when continuous shooting. – This means that when we shoot for movement pictures like panning technique, the processor only allowed to take 3 pictures for one second, after that the picture needs to be processed.

3.It doesn’t have built in auto-focus drive motor. It only can be auto-focus with the lens that have AF-S, if it AF that means that the Nikon D60 pictures need to be focused manually. The arguments to this issue are there are also factors the skills of the photographer to take manual focus and  the time taken for DSLR with auto-foucs drive motor with the AF lenses. The skills of the photographer on manual focus is by adjusting in the front of the lenses or T-Mount Adapters, it is also the combination of the shutter and aperture that played big roles on taking by manual focus. Secondly, the time taken for built in auto-focus drive motor with AF lenses that could be consuming time. This is could delayed the golden moment waiting for the right pictures to take.

4.three area AF sensor – This is the obvious limitation that newbie photographer could find one. Despite it doesn’t have build in auto-focus drive motor, this is also discourage to take more photos like macro pictures or using tele-photo lens

Those four factors that I would consider to buy a new one DSLR. It might take very long time to know really about your products and your taste. I am here for sharing. My website and photos taken digital by D60, is


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