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An Amase-Ing Story of a Hip-Hop Traveller

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Hip-hop music is typically associated now with oversized bling-blings, booty-shakin’ girls and pimped cars and rides. On the extreme end of the hip-hop culture is the violence and hatred that  is expressed in rap music heavily peppered with cuss words.  Yet still, there are artists that remain true to the root and essence of hip-hop and rnb music – soul. 

   MASE is holding headquarters for his music label, DMS Entertainment in Miami, Florida.  As head honcho of his own independent music company, he already has 2 new artists under his creative and music production wings — Camille and Sonja.  Both are chiseled, honed, groomed with their distinct music styles under the watchful eye of MASE, himself.  His passion for music is fueled by his craft  and skill as a music producer. 

Born in Libreville, Gabon Africa, MASE, was raised in various parts of Europe, then moved to California, and settled in Miami Florida, USA.  This immersion in variety of cultures, has enriched and expanded his music horizons.  Hip-hop music and rnb are his core genre, yet he manages to spice it up with a gamut of his cultural influences.

Mase further explains. “The guy that mixes my songs [knows]it’s me because I use a lot of drums.  You can feel that it’s from the islands.  The melody would be something you’d hear in Europe.  There’s a lot of different things inside me. I live in Miami and I get exposed to American music. It’s a blend of different things. If you’re a chef, you cook with different spices.  That’s the same thing. I try to be a chef  and create something different in my music.”

One of the rare occasions that MASE took the mic  was a tribute song for his late father, entitled “WE MISS YOU”.   The melody and the groove is laid on basic hip-hop beats, yet it blends naturally into a mesmerizing African chant akin to rap, with a dash of European chillout sounds.  The song is reflective with a tinge of sadness, but it is not heavy nor depressing.  It radiates real and organic good vibes.  Check it out and have a taste of it in itunes.

Mase is a self-confessed Snoop diehard wayback his childhood in Africa, even though he couldn’t understand his rap lyrics.  He also dreams of working with Shakira someday.  Well,  the blings and the booty-shakin’ templates form part of his path of influences.  Yet MASE has taken and carried hiphop and rnb music in  new, exciting journeys and destinations.

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SUPERMAN LOVER by Camille feat. Casely


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