Sunday, December 17

4 Tips For Christmas Decoration

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Ok, it’s December and this month is a great time to take better care of your home and your family.
Nothing better to leave everything neat and beautiful for the Christmas holiday.

But how to decorate quickly and without spending much money?

Here are some practices ideas you may want to try (call the children, they will love to help!):

1. Use lots of candles in decorations

Enjoy candles you already have in use, they are more charming than the new ones. Use printed tapes that you have at home and give pretty ribbons around the candles.
A simple charm that gives a nice effect.

2. Use plaids

Decorate your home with fabric pattern plaid. You can use multiple patterns and create a mix of Christmas.
But it is good to take care to have a common element, like color, for example.

3. Red Flowers

The red flowers resemble Christmas. Use various types of flowers to compose
a Christmas flower arrangement. Choose green leaves for contrast. Take care with a beautiful production.

4. Christmas Drawings

Tell your children draw what Christmas means to them.
Frame these drawings and then spread through the house. Your children will be proud and happy. And your decor will be more special.


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