Sunday, December 17

A Life-Changing Event

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I did some crazy stuff when I was a young adult and that effect sent me to jail. Because of jail of probation my life has been changed into a new life for me. That I can benefit from the past mistakes and learn from them in the future. I did grow up since going to jail. I have learned a lot about life and what not do to anymore. I would like to share this with you if I can.

            I started working at Serendipity, which it is a Coffee Shop, on June 20th, 2007 the day after I got out of jail. My aunt, Chris, got me the job there because the previous owner and she are friends still to this day. I took a six month vacation from Serendipity because the owner and I didn’t get alone; so I worked at the new business in town until December, when they laid me off. I have been at Serendipity for at least two and half to three years now and I still love my job. I have learned some major lessons at Serendipity and I can say this is my longest job I ever had since I started working for a living.

            I started at the local college a couple months after getting out of jail. I did graduate from high school and I wanted to continue my education. I am going to graduate in May with an Associate’s Degree of Liberal Arts and it has taken me four years to do, because I am an untraditional student. Once I am done with Colorado Northwestern Community College, I am going to a four year university or college in Michigan to finish out my education. In Forestry, Geology, and work for the United States Forest Service. I learned some valuable lessons while going to school and work because that made me more responsible for my schedule. I am in the Student Government at the college which I do enjoy doing. While being at the college I have met some wonderful people and made some friends with them.

            I have stopped most of my bad habits, because if I didn’t stop then I will be in jail again and probably homeless. I cleaned up my act, so I can be a productive citizen in civilization. When I was doing drugs, smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol to the point of blacking out every day, I basically destroyed myself to the point of hitting rock bottom. I found an outlet of getting rid of most of the bad habits, by seeing a counselor and he have helped me a lot. The problems that I had were from my childhood. My birth parents didn’t know how to raise children so the state took us away and put us up for adoption. The parents that adopted us, which he had our own disorders and strong personalities, had one child all ready but they didn’t know how to deal or raise him properly. My adoptive parents adopted three more children and they have different disorders and strong personalities also, so they had a lot on their hands by having different disorders and strong personalities. They were abusive with us kids; expect the oldest child and the youngest child. Basically I was a middle child and my parents were abusive in ways that cause me to have problems.

            I am glad that I hit rock bottom because I learned some valuable lessons the way back up. There are some things that I am proud of myself for doing and some things that I am not proud about in my past. Every day when I get up I think of ways that I can improve on my life by yesterday’s mistakes and choices I had made. There are some connections and habits that I changed from the bad to the good. Like drinking less during the year and not doing drugs at all, so my choices has led me to find a beautiful girlfriend and her daughter which I am madly in love with both of them because what I wanted in life was to be a better person since my young adulthood. I am glad that I made these choices in life, because I learned a lot about myself and the world around me. I love being free and having a new life since hitting rock bottom.


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