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Revenue Sharing

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Revenue Sharing

If you do not have the time, talent or cash to begin a website of your own, but you’d like to earn money with Google AdSense, then you’re in luck! You can write about anything you want on revenue sharing sites, and make even more money than if you owned your own website.

How Does Revenue Sharing Work?, and many other sites allow people to join and write articles or share other content in exchange for the opportunity to make money with Google AdSense. When a writer signs up, they can create content on the website. When the Google AdSense ads are displayed, a click on that ad generates some amount of money. Revenue sharing sites are much different than profit sharing sites (such as Squidoo).  First of all, it is not the revenue that is split.  Instead, the number of times an author’s ad is shown is split with the number of times the website’s ads are shown. 

For example, shares 65% of the Google AdSense revenue with authors.  That means that 65% of the time any of your content (in this case, articles, bookmarks, videos or journals) is loaded, your ads are displayed.  The other 35% of the time, the AdSense ads of the site owner are displayed.  This site also has a referral program built into the revenue sharing, which shares 25% of the revenue with you from your referrals.  This means that if you get new members to sign up, 65% of the time, their ad is displayed, 25% of the time your ad is displayed, and the other 10% of the time,’s ads will be displayed.

The Benefits of Revenue Sharing

  • These websites often have a lot of traffic, high page rank, and communities built in. You don’t have to do any of the website design or marketing.

  • Revenue sharing sites have optimized the Google AdSense template they are using, so that you can expect to earn as much as possible from your efforts.

  • You can write about any topic you’d like, as long as it complies with the Google AdSense TOS.

  • After you write an article or share any kind of content, you can expect many other people to notice your submission, even before you start building links to it.  You can make friends, who will often read and comment on your submissions.  Comments are great for SEO

  • Because these sites already get a lot of traffic, you will make more money with the content you write on a revenue sharing site than you would submitting it on your own website (all other variables remaining equal).

Now, it’s important to know that there is no guarantee that you will make money.  It all depends on what you are writing about, and how well you can write.  Some people are able to make a full time income, and even become wealthy from revenue sharing sites.  You have to do some research, write about topics that people frequently search for (yet not many people have written about), and build links to your submissions to be successful.  Then, you have to rinse and repeat many times over to start to make money.  Many people give up on revenue sharing after they don’t see a return from their first article. 

By studying some of the people who are making a lot of money, a great plan of action on revenue sharing sites is to aim to write many different articles based on the same subject.  Shoot for a goal of 1,000 articles on a high paying topic, and you might start to make some serious money.  Don’t quit your job to write for revenue sharing sites; instead, write fresh and unique content whenever you can, and continue adding articles and building links to your articles whenever you have some spare time. 

Revenue sharing sites become channels for earning passive income, since you only have to write an article once for it to earn for a lifetime.


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