Monday, December 18

Takers Review

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Takers the newest movie in the crime genre. This one leads the rat pack with the old hollywood effect of dressing up its actors in tres chic fashion. From the super bad guy to the cool good guys, you will be awed by their style and pinache . The story line is based around a gang of thieves that execute robberies with precision, One robbery goes wrong when they are betrayed by one of the core members. To make things worst a hard-boiled detective is on the trail. I generally like chick flicks, but my boyfriend is really into that gangster  /crime genre, so when compared he said the movie was like snatch or rock’n’rolla. Basically this movie revolves around the same topic.  What I noticed is it’s an all star cast.  Paul walker is soooo hot! Hayden Christensen role is a hero.  Matt Dillon’s role is a typical policeman.  I find Chris Brown’s role funny, especially when he was running away from the police,  he looked like a frog.  I find some scenes a drag since the cinematography seems dark, but in the middle onwards, when the action begun,  there is a sudden rush of excitement.  And some scenes were shot and edited perfectly. I liked the scene when they blew up the road to get the truck.  And I also liked the part when they were surprised by the  surprised by the Russian mafia in the hotel room.  For guys, it is an action must-watch movie.  But I prefer chick flick over takers. I rate it 7 out of 10.


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