Monday, December 18

Should There be Restrictions on Young Drivers?

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The culture of “boy racers” is not a new one, it has been going on for years.

New drivers often like to go out in their cars, picking up their friends, and driving around with their newly gained license. They meet other driving friends in car parks and drive round in gangs with their music playing for everyone to hear. This is not a new thing but it is something that has become more popular in the past years. Now there are calls to stop this happening, saying that new drivers under 24 should have restrictions on when they can drive, proposing that they should not be able to drive late at night with their friends in the cars. This idea has come from the amount of accidents on the road responsible for a lot of deaths. But is it fair?

I know when I first passed my driving test that I was so nervous about driving I did not want to go out in my car alone, my driving instructor actually advised me, once I passed, to go pick up a friend and go for a drive to help me build my confidence, I’m still a bit of a nervous driver now but I’m a safe driver, you wont catch me over the speed limit (which sometimes annoys those driving behind me) and you wont catch me taking any risks on the road either. As the old saying goes, you don’t start to learn to drive until you have passed your test.

While I agree that there are a lot of racers on the road, with their cars fitted with the latest body kits, and their music playing as loud as possible, it’s not fair to put an all out ban on young drivers. There are a lot of under 24s who work night shifts for example, are they going to be stopped from driving to work, will they find that their wages suffer as a result of finding other transport? A lot of really responsible young drivers work hard to pay for their own cars, tax and insurance, if they are going to be stopped from driving for a number of hours each day then are they going to be given cheaper tax and insurance, after all why should they pay the same amount of tax as everyone if they are not allowed to drive at the same times. They already pay more insurance so would they get a reduction in that?

While young drivers do some accidents there are also a lot of other drivers who also cause accidents, drink-driving for example, drivers who fall asleep behind the wheels, and drivers who think nothing of doing 60mph in a 30mph zone, these people can be found in any age group. Why should young drivers be punished for what other drivers do? Maybe they should introduce new parts of the driving test, making road safety a bigger part and ensuring that people are learning in different driving conditions, as there is no doubt that there are a lot of accidents on the roads.

Of course there are a lot of young drivers who drive like idiots, just like some older ones do as well, does this mean that everyone should be punished too? Maybe they work something out with the amount of years you have been driving, instead of going by a person’s age?


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