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Detox And Destress With Maya Fiennes – Challenging But The Benefits Are Worth It!

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I had a regular daily morning practice of Hatha Yoga and attended a Hatha Yoga class once weekly.  This practice I enjoyed immensley as the benefits where numerous and worth having.  Hatha Yoga is a beautiful practice and you learn to align the body and develop balance and stamina both in your Yoga practice and in your daily life.  The Yoga practice detoxes your body, cleanses and strengthens your lung function, digestive system is improved and spine becomes much more flexible – of course there are many other benefits too numerous to list here.  Yoga is a great Mind/Body/Spirit workout.

Intuitively I knew that even though I loved Hatha Yoga there was something missing and that is when I stumbled across Maya Fiennes DVD Detox and Destress.  I have never looked back as I completely resonate with this style of Yoga, it is different to Hatha Yoga because you work in a seated posture more and the postures (asana’s) flow more quickly, they are a repetition of a small movement for a short duration of time.  For example twisting from one side to the other for one minute.  I was happy that I had spent a good amount of time practicing Hatha Yoga before commencing Kundalini Yoga because I already had a good understanding of alignment and a solid foundation and breathing techniques so the transition from one to another was smooth.

This DVD with Maya is a great purchase too because it is a lot less than other DVD’s at approximatley £7.00 and you get a full CD too with Maya’s own music.  Maya is a professional pianist too!  She studied Hatha Yoga for a long period of time before discovering Kundalini and then trained in London to be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, she now lives in America but returns to the UK to do workshops and also runs retreats around the world.

The DVD is well produced and it all comes across as high quality from the aesthetics of the case to the visuals and sounds on the DVD and CD. 

The Class is set on a completely white background and this works well in my opinion as you are not distracted from anything – once you are used to the movements you close your eyes to get a deeper experience of the practice.  The sound and accompanying music is beautiful and good quality.  Maya composed and performed the music and it generates a lovely atmosphere.  For me it is like attending a live class!

Maya is a lovely teacher and I feel very comfortable and at ease, she explains and demonstrates very well and it is easy to follow.  It is fine to do what you can on any given day and stop when you need to.

The class begins with a section of mantra which initially was new for me and I wasn’t sure how to do it but having been practicing for over 2 years now it just comes naturally and really gets me in the zone ready for more.

A really good warm up section comes next – this is important for any exercise so as to warm up the body and avoid injury.  The asana’s concentrate on flexing and twisting the spine, stretching the sciatic nerve and utilising the breath.  I am certainly ready for the main set when I have done the warm ups and I have enjoyed them.

The main set is all about clearing toxins and boosting your adrenal glands in order to be able to go through the day with more energy and to react less and respond in a calmer way to the daily events and dilemma’s.  Once again there is breath work, some mantra work and seated positions whilst moving arms.  Also there are row boat type movements and on all fours moving one leg towards the head and back.  It may sound different and look different and that because it is different to Hatha Yoga but once you have experienced the effects and benefits of Kundalini Yoga you will see why so many people are doing a regular practice of it.

At the end of this class I am calm, I am energised and this lasts throughout the day – I respond so very differently to situtions now – eg things that would cause stress or anxiety are now a walk in the park, my response is so laid back and effortless having had a daily practice for over 2 years.  I would never be without it now.

I can easily recommend this DVD to a person who is new to Kundalini Yoga as it was the first one I worked with and I still work with it now.  It is a well balanced and doable class.

I hope that has been of help to you and that you enjoyed the read.


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