Thursday, December 14

Menstrual Migraines Vs Life

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My menstrual cycle begins the twelfth of every month, and with every cycle comes migraines. The headache everyone fears. This headache can bring pain for you and everyone around you. We are in physical pain which leaves us very grumpy and aggravated.

I currently stay at home with my beautiful daughter while my husband works. Having migraines can really make things difficult on me and my two year old. She is very active and constantly climbs on me, loves on me, and wants to play. So, it’s hard to take a little break as the pain gets more and more intense.

There are times when my husband comes home and nothing is done. The laundry hasn’t been touched, dishes are left in the sink, and dinner is still in the freezer. My daughter will take her toys and play with me on the floor, and I try hard to keep my eyes open.

Having lights on can really aggravate the migraine even more. Throughout the day the pain can even get more intense. Making you feel like you are going to vomit. I know at times I have vomited because of these intense menstrual migraines.

No matter what kind or how much medicine I consumed it wouldn’t help. Not even a little bit. Until finally I came up with a 5 minute technique. It does not always help the pain but it will take the pressure away for a little while.
First, take an Advil or pain reliever of your choice. Then grab a few pieces of your favorite dark chocolate. Throw some water on your face, and take a few deep breaths until you feel some sort of relief.

Many women suffer during their menstrual cycle, and many women cannot afford to call out of work or miss school. But, if you can take five minutes, and take a quick breather it might give you some relief.


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