Monday, December 18

How Does is it Feels Like to Have The Rfid

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The present world introduces the advantages of Science and Technology to live life in a much easier way. Great inventors created a highly advance system that not only caters a country’s needs but the entire world.

Credit Cards, Smart cards, national ID system, Bar-codes and now a chip that will finally bring somebody to feel like an elite. Now introduced: (RFID) Radio-frequency identification–a small electronic chips implanted in the right hand of any person who desired to have it. It will soon to be the future.

It is the future of surveillance. In this way, you no longer need to answer questions from guards of an establishments. At The Baja Beach Club in Holland a few special VIP’s who are different from a normal party goers. They enter the club without the need of identification or credit cards and cash to buy something in.

In the name of security, RFID is helpful for parents and pet owners in the future who wanted to track kids and pets who are lost. But as this issue get hotter. The more amazing they become, the more controversies they get.

Now, the people in the world has to think not only with their security but as well as their privacy. With RFID, every information you got, will be recorded. The chips collect unlimited information including the problem every person has.

Technology is unstoppable. Sooner, everyone will have RFID implanted in our body. Sooner, we will be tracked wherever we go. Sooner, we don’t have our own privacy.


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