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What Many People Don't Know About Organic Vegetable Garden

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Lots of chemicals are now used in the food industry, and the crops contain many unwanted substances. The very idea of creating an organic vegetable garden is specific to the 20th or the 21st centuries because only organic gardens existed before modern agriculture. Organic is natural, and this concept mainly opposes the food resulting from conventional agriculture and farming. In an organic vegetable garden, you should not use growth hormones, antibiotics, insecticides, pesticides and other similar chemicals.

The old methods are presently growing popular again, and the traditional organic garden is re-actualized even if in a different context. Organic seeds and a piece of land that has not been treated with pesticides or insecticides are the two basic elements of any organic vegetable garden. The vegetables you grow must adapted to the region and the climate in order to develop well. Organic farmers usually cultivate those types of vegetables that are naturally resistant to pets and disease.

You may have to do a bit of reading before starting an organic vegetable garden. The planting process starts either in fall or in spring. Resistant vegetables can be planted in fall, and only if you live in a climate with mild winters. Moreover, only certain vegetables are weather-resistant such as spinach, peas or broccoli. Yet, peppers, tomatoes, corn or squash will always be planted in spring.

The success of an organic vegetable garden depends on how you use the environment. Insects could ruin your crops unless you encourage the growth of other specifies known to be beneficial for gardening. Toads, birds and bats feed on the major enemies of vegetable gardens. As for beneficial insects, they can be attracted by growing plants they like (dill, for instance).

You can fertilize the soil with compound in order to make the organic vegetable garden more resistant to pests. Mulch and water are essential, because only strong plants can resist to pests or recover from them. Moreover, they can even remain unaffected by such incidents, which means that you are going to enjoy good crops and delicious veggies specific to every season. It should be great!

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