Friday, December 15

Give it Another Try: Chicken Nuggets Covered by Pancakes

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First of all the chicken nuggets and pancakes in the name are not actually the usual chicken nuggets and pancakes we usual refer in America. I translate them from Chinese, and in order to make it clearer, I’m inserting a picture of the dish in this post. 

Here we begin. For many dishes, the most difficult part is not the cooking, but the washing, cleaning and preparation, and that is the case with the dish I’m introducing here. What we need for this dish include: chicken (a whole chicken or three chicken legs), flour, ginger, garlic cloves, prickly ashes, caraway, soy sauce, salt, soybean paste.

1. chop the chicken or chicken legs into nuggets, and wash them in boiled water. This may take just one minute and fish the chicken nuggets out of hot water and put them into a bowl to cool down.

2. get some water into the flour to work a dough.

3. cut garlic cloves, ginger and caraway into small pieces.

4. two soupspoons of oil to be heated in a wok, and put garlic and ginger pieces and prickly ashes into the hot oil. Be careful here, the oil may splash to your skin, take a cover in to protect you!

5. now pour the chicken nuggets into the wok, stir for a while and add some soy sauce and soybean paste, you may also add some cooking wine here, continue stirring until the color of the meat in the wok darkened. Now add clean hot water into the wok. The water should be enough to cover all the things in the wok.

6. divide the dough into ten or more smaller doughs.

7. when the water in the wok is boiling and bubbling, add salt and mix well, then press the small doughs into the shape of thin pancakes and put up them around the inner wall of the wok, you may have half of each pancake bathe in the soup (the water is now soup, right?). Remember to leave some margin for cover.

8. now cover the wok and turn down the fire to stew. 10-15 minute later the water should be mostly absorbed by the meat and pancakes, add caraway pieces on top of the meat and stew for another 1-2 minutes.

Now the dish is ready for you to enjoy. This single dish alone can serve both as principal food and puree. It’s actually a traditional Chinese food in coastal areas, where fishermen always stay on sea for several days. So they simplified their dinners into a single wok of meat and pancakes.


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