Essentials of Nutrition for Human Health

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Diet plays an important role in the maintenance of good health and stamina and in the prevention and cure of disease. Good health can be preserved and promoted only by the right kind of food and on the vice-versa wrong kind of food is an invitation to disease.

Various nutrients are essential to build up and maintain healthy cell tissues, glands and organs in the human body. Without lack of specific nutrients the body is not able to perform any of its functions, be they metabolic, mental physical or chemical. The nutrients are available only through food which is one of the most essential factors in maintaining and preserving health.

Food is the basic source of nutrients which is also of utmost importance in the cure of disease. The main cause of disease is the decrease in the resistance power of the body arising from the follow up of wrong nutritional pattern. There is a self-made healing mechanism within the body but it can perform its function efficiently only if it is supplied with basic nutritional elements.

Researchers believe that at least 45 chemical components and elements are needed by human cells. These substances also known as essential nutrients must be present in adequate in our diet. Water and oxygen is also included in this list. Remaining 43 nutrients are classified into five main groups namely fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These 45 nutrients work together and hence they are vitally important and the absence on any of them will result in disease and in many cases death.

Modern research has proved that almost any kind of disease can be produced by lack of various nutrients. These nutritional deficiencies occur on account of various factors including processing and refining of foods, the time lag between harvesting and consumption of fruits and vegetables, flavoring, coloring, bleaching chemicals, preservatives, chemical fertilizers, insecticides and sprays used on crops. Thus the very basic principle of nutrition says that one should depend on whole meal flour and whole meal bread and avoid white stuff.

Research has also shown that diseases produced as a result of combination of deficiencies can be treated when all the nutrients are provided and supplied. A correct and well balanced diet is thus of utmost importance for the maintenance and preservation of good health and the prevention of disease. Such a diet is naturally made up of foods which in combination would supply all the basic necessary nutrients.

It has been proved that a perfect diet is a diet which contains liberal quantities of:

Grains, nuts and seeds.

Fruits and


All of these provide an adequate amount of essential nutrients. Grains, Nuts and seeds contain the reproductive power which is vitally important for the preservation of health and lives of human beings. Wheat, barley, brown rice, millets, oats, beans and peas are very valuable in building health and stamina. Essential fatty acids necessary for health are also supplied by Grains, nuts and seeds. They are also rich sources of minerals and supply bulk in the diet. These foods also play an important role in the rejuvenation of cells and delaying the ageing process.

Fruits are a natural source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They are digested easily and have a cleansing effect on the blood and digestive tract. Raw and ripe fruits are very nutritive to eat. But when they are cooked they loose a portion of the carbohydrates and nutrient salts. The popular saying “An apple a day keeps doctor away” holds true to describe the importance of fruits. Several other fruits such as bananas, grapes, oranges, figs, peach etc also offer a very good nutritive value. Fruits should be taken in the form of juices when one is sick. Along with fruits milk also serves as a best nutritive food.

Vegetables are extremely rich source of enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Hence it is best to consume vegetables in the form of salads. To preserve the nutrient value of most of the vegetables it is advisable to cook vegetables along with their skin and their soaking should be avoided. One should take at least one variety of vegetable in the morning lunch and at night dinner. Apart from this, green leafy vegetables are also considered good source of iron, protein and minerals.

Thus we can say that a proper, systematic and a well balanced diet consisting of basic essential nutrients all go a long way in preserving and maintaining good health, energy and vigor.


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