Monday, December 18

Are The Links You Tweet on Twitter no Follow?

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I wrote an article about how Facebook has no follow links to any site outside their domain, (which means they don’t let link weight flow), and somebody asked me in a comment if Twitter has no follow links too.

I had honestly never thought that that was a possibility, but I checked it out with a button on my browser that I downloaded from SEO Book, and sure enough, all that work I had been putting in to gaining followers to increase the link weight that flowed from my tweets was all practically useless.

Some might say that people still look at tweets, and it might result in a little extra traffic, but that’s hogwash. Twitter is an absolutely useless site, unless you have 100,000 followers who regularly look at what you are tweeting.

What is the difference between posting in your Facebook news feed to your friends, and posting to your Twitter followers?

Twitter is a really crappy site, that’s the difference. Facebook looks good, and you can have a conversation in comments on a post, and they have so many other features than just posting a few characters.

I had no idea I was wasting my time with Twitter, so I had to write this article telling everyone that Twitter has no follow attributes to the links you post in your tweets.

The only way that Twitter may work, is if everyone on Bukisa keeps tweeting every article they read, so that hundreds of thousands of people may get the chance to see each article. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.

Tweet my article, and I will tweet yours back. I am no longer worried about sharing the link weight flowing from my Twitter profile page, and it doesn’t really bother me what I do with my Twitter accounts anymore.

Besides which, if one article on Bukisa gets lots of views, the whole Bukisa domain benefits a little as well. Personally, I really hate Twitter, and it is only because it is so easy to tweet that I will have anything more to do with the site at all, since I found out just now that the links on Twitter are no follow. They have been for two years.


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