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Tips And Tricks on Verdonia (Facebook) – Part 1

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What is Verdonia?

Verdonia is a strategic game in Facebook. There are a few similar games such as Age of Camelot but to me Verdonia seems more interesting.


It is almost impossible to progress in this game without allies. There are a few ways of recruiting allies. The easiest way is observe the Global message box at the bottom left of the game. From time to time, some of the other players will broadcast that they need allies and provide their email address.

Open another browser window, enter facebook, search for their email and add them with the note “Verdonia”. Majority of them will accept your invite and add you as their allies.

The other way is to put your email in the “Verdonia Allies” Page or “Verdonia Daily Players” Page. The “Verdonia Allies” page is a closed group, so you need to be invited to get to the page.

Each Ally you recruit will give you a selection of Resource and also Scroll of Wondrous Edification. This scroll is need when you want to upgrade your Town Center and also if you want to upgrade any of your structure to level 10.


Medals are very important to help you advance to Squire or Knight. Don’t give any of your medals to your heroes. Instead gain their loyalty using gold. It is very difficult to obtain medals.


Another good way to advance is to follow the Quest suggestions. Each time you achieve a quest, you will be rewarded.


The most important resource is Food. Initially, you need to build farms. However, to increase the production, make sure to use the Academy and level up the skills. Food is also important when you need to recruit army and build up your population.

If you need a lot of food, conquer the Lake, they produce the most food.

You can also buy and sell resources using the Merchant Square.


Build a Hospice in each of your town. This is where you can recover and heal some of your army casualties. So far I have not found a need to upgrade it.


Make sure to send gifts to your allies. As you send them gifts, they are most likely to send some back to you.


I will write the 2nd part if there is enough interest in this article.

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