Thursday, December 14

Into The Wild – A Movie Review

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If there were ever a true story worth telling then it’s the one of Chris McCandless’ journey ‘Into the Wild’. After a conversation with his parents about attending Harvard University, Chris, who is utterly disillusioned with his family and his life, decides to donate his entire life savings ($24,000) to Oxfam and head into the wild. His ultimate plan is to end up in Alaska.

Very soon in his journey he abandons his car and follows his desire to live a life free of money and material possessions.

On his journey, Chris meets various people and shares special moments with many of them. Each time the relationship develops you wonder whether he has found what he is looking for or not. However, every time he leaves behind what seems like wonderful relationship, hell bent on arriving at Alaska and living a life of solitude.

The story is based on Chris’ diary, which is used to narrate much of the story. Chris’ prose is wonderful, setting the film alight with his magical metaphors and turns of phrase.

Emile Hirsch, whose commitment to the role is clear to see, plays Chris. Not since Robert DeNiro’s Raging Bull or Donny Whalberg in The Sixth Sense, have I seen such a willingness to put a body through such trauma to convey the harsh reality of the tale.

Sean Penn directed this film, who as a great actor himself, has chosen his cast well.

This film lifts your spirits, tugs on your heartstrings, blows your mind with the beauty of the script and then rips your stomach out. I would love to discuss the plot more but wouldn’t want to spoil what is, in my opinion, one of the best films ever made. This is a must see film. 


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