Tuesday, December 12

Winter Fashion For Men

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  Having the essential winter fashion for men is a must during the cold winter months. It’s about that time to start thinking of your winter wardrobe. You may need to stock up or replace a few items from last year to prepare yourself for the winter chill. There are just a few things that can not be forgotten in men’s fashion for winter. Check out the list below to make sure you are ready and trendy for the cooler weather ahead.

  1. A nice wool pea coat doesn’t seem to be leaving men’s winter fashion trend any time soon. Choose a classic color easy to match with just about anything. Black, grey and navy work well. The wool will keep you warm and the style will keep you up to date.
  2. Every man needs leather gloves.  Don’t let your hands become dry and chapped from the cold winter air. Keep them warm in a nice pair of leather gloves. When the temperatures start to drop, your hands will thank you and so will the woman you touch.
  3. A scarf isn’t just for sissies. Real men wear scarves. They are great for adding a little extra warmth around the neck, mouth, and nose, as needed. Choose nice cashmere for softness and warmth. You can either purchase a neutral color scarf to match your outerwear or choose a few different ones to compliment your different outfits.
  4. Long johns are essential winter fashion for men. OK, maybe they aren’t so fashionable, but they are definitely essential. The come in pants and tops worn under your regular clothes. They fit close to the body to keep you warm. For best results put them on while you are already warm to lock in the heat.  They keep the body warm in Arctic temperatures. Plus, you can wear you more fashionable clothes onto to stay in style and warm.
  5. Wear layers.Layering your outfits is key for men’s winter fashion. Keep many shirts and sweaters that wear well together. A button down shirt can fit nicely under a fitted sweater and look casual. Men may also want to wear an open sweater or zip up hoodie with their favorite T-shirt. Adding layers allows you to continue wearing some of your favorite shirts from summer.  The opportunities are endless.
  6. Every man needs a winter hat. Choose a hat that covers the ears and all of your head. Heat escapes through the head, wearing a warm hat will keep the heat in and keep you warm. Some men go for a classic skull hat, worn close to the head, others like the look of an aviator hat with ear flaps.  There are many different options in men’s winter fashion hats. Finding one that fits your style shouldn’t be hard.
  7. Boots are must have for men’s winter fashion. Choose a pair of waterproof boots with a thermal lining. The lining will keep your feet warm and protected from melting snow. You can opt for a classic pair of snow boots or choose from the many leather styles. Regular leather will whole up in the snow but suede will not do so for. What ever you choose don’t forget the water protection lining on the inside to keep your feet dry and warm.

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