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Global Positioning System in India, And Its Growth Possibility in Different Industries in India

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Since the early 90’s different satellite technology services has been used by India. India using satellite technology based services to monitor, manage, control and administer different aspects like irrigation, vehicle surveillance, traffic, agriculture, supply chain management, fleet management etc.


Global Positioning System (GPS) refers to a structured satellite constellation network comprising of around 24 satellites orbiting the earth’s atmosphere. GPS satellites are used for navigational, surveying, mapping, and routing, charting and time distribution purposes. GPS technology is mainly integrated with GSM (Global System of Mobile Communications) data network protocol to locate and update data.

Transmission signals from GPS satellites are received at base stations on earth. Base stations use different forms of server technology and associated hardware devices to store, interpret and analyze the data. The processed data can be saved in different formats and can be used in accordance with the needs of the data evaluator. The data stored can also be sorted, edited and filtered with the help of advanced automated sorters, editors and filters. Enhancement of GPS technology in India is mainly supported by different government bodies.  


In India, vehicular flow in many cities is control and managed by GPS services.  Vehicle movement is been monitored by Automatic Vehicle Locator System. Generally the Vehicle tracking system is made up of two units the mobile and the fixed base station units

GPS can also be used for tourism and adventure sports purposes. With GPS enabled hardware technologies, you can, not only receive route signals on mountain terrains, you can also get information about terrain altitudes and future weather conditions.

Many of the applications for GPS were first and foremost for government use such as the military which made for accurate targeting of enemy weapons. They were also used for detecting nuclear detonations that greatly enhanced our ability to monitor countries that were interested in obtaining nuclear weapons.

The use for automobiles has been indispensable for many travelers who otherwise may not be familiar with areas that are somewhat un-detailed with conventional maps.
The use for Aircraft provided accuracy for final approach and landing operations as well as being able to compute wind speed while aloft, and also glide paths for alternate airports and mountain passes for aiding a route decision during cross-country flights.

GPS also been used in shipping and cruise Industry. Some of the functions for the maritime and GPS system can provide man overboard information to quickly locate a person who may have fallen overboard thereby making rescues easier. GPS also improves the security of the shipping industry by enabling an automatic Identification system.


Emergency Service– Vehicle tracking software also makes emergency services like fire, paramedic and police more effective. It helps in locating nearest available vehicle to respond to a service.

Police– The police of all most all states are using GPS tracking system in finding out a stolen vehicle. GPS vehicle tracking system really helps in protecting your vehicle from theft.

Municipal– It also helps the state municipal department in managing welfare services by providing timely services.


Fast moving consumer goods– Different companies use it for distributing or delivering home appliances and also food products by different restaurants.

Cargo and Courier service– It is now more widely used in freight forwarding or cargo service-providing industries. As timely delivery is the main aim, companies use the vehicle tracking software in their vehicle that helps in better planning and supervising vehicle movements.

Construction and Real estate:

In construction industry GPS vehicle tracking system used in advance communication of material, their timely delivery for the construction purpose. Better communication help in reducing the number of errors which provide your business an extra edge in the era of cut throat competition.

Fleet management and Transportation:

GPS act as an excellent communication medium in fleet management and transport industry; it will help in setting the routes, measuring mileage, speed, etc

Due to this reason GPS vehicle tracking system will help you in locating the personal vehicle at any point of time but also useful in other industries like service, construction, for better management through supervising their service vehicle. It helps in increasing overall productivity.

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