Monday, December 18

Kingdom Hearts

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A hooded Roxas walks through the Dark City in the pouring rain. He stops, feet away from the base of Memory’s Skyscraper. Roxas looks up at the screens; shortly after, his head shifts down as many Neoshadows rise up from the ground and surround him. A blindfolded Riku, wearing a Black Coat, stands on top of Memory’s Skyscraper and stares down at Roxas. Roxas draws the Oathkeeper in his left hand and Oblivion in his right. He spins the Keyblades above his head, yielding sparks, and holds them out to his sides. Riku tilts his head up to the sky and holds his arms out; the clouds above the Skyscraper part to reveal a meteor shower. A white-purple outline of the Heartless emblem surrounds Roxas. Riku takes off his blindfold and throws his head back. Roxas mouths something.

A white Heartless emblem appears on a boulder for a split second, before Roxas passes through it. One of his eyes – golden yellow – is briefly shown, and he walks forward.

In the Dark City, Roxas walks towards the Memory’s Skyscraper in the pouring rain. Clashing blades sound, and in an instant, he is surrounded by numerous Neoshadows, now holding Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Roxas engages the Heartless and easily destroys three.

He continues, slashing them with his Keyblades, not hesitating to resort to kicking two of them. Three Neoshadows jump high in the air. Roxas looks up at them and follows suit, doing a backflip. The three Neoshadows land on the ground, one on top of the other, and dissolve into darkness. More Neoshadows leap into the air, and Roxas proceeds to slash at them as he rises; with Oathkeeper in hand, he throws the Keyblade and eliminates four of the airborne Heartless. The Oathkeeper returns seconds before Roxas lands on the ground, and he backflips up to the porch of Memory’s Skyscraper. As other Neoshadows beginning to crawl up the structure’s gargoyle statues, he looks out at the horde of Heartless. He looks up at the screens of the Skyscraper.

Riku stands atop the screens, looking down at Roxas. He smirks; Roxas mimicks the action and jumps onto a post, leaps to an extrusion on the wall, and begins running up the side of the Skyscraper, Oathkeeper and Oblivion held out at his sides. Neoshadows begin to chase after him, as new ones emerge from above, which Roxas promptly cut down. Riku walks up to the very edge of the Skyscraper’s screens.

Roxas hurls Oblivion upward in another Strike Raid-like move, eliminating several more Neoshadows. Riku jumps off the edge, body parallel with the ground, with his arms outstretched. The Oblivion slices through one more Neoshadow before Riku catches it; his body turns, now parallel to the Skyscraper as three more of the Heartless leap down after him. The two approach the Skyscraper’s largest screen; Roxas, now wielding the Kingdom Key in his right hand, runs past the bottom of the central screen while Riku falls. The two pass each other, turning their head to the other before continuing on their way. The clouds above Memory’s Skyscraper clear, revealing three rays of light. Roxas mouths something as he and Riku continue on their paths. Roxas has flashing images of Sora during his Dive to the Heart. More flashes of Sora’s memory. Roxas walks up to the hooded figure sitting on a rock. An older Kairi watches the meteor shower on Destiny Islands.Riku plummets to the ground. Kairi reaches toward Sora. A Black Coated King Mickey flips through the air, landing on the rooftop of the Memory’s Skyscraper with the Kingdom Key D held behind him. Back at the Dark Meridian, Roxas approaches Xemnas again; he turns to Roxas and speaks to him. Sora then flies over a vast expanse of ocean, seemingly asleep, under a cloudy sky.

“Everything is coming back to me, the true…”


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