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The New Life Style of Software Engineers

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The new life style of software engineers

The software engineers are paid so fabulously these days by the multinational companies that they adopt extraordinary ways of life especially the lady engineers. Even in a city like Chennai, one doesn’t need more than Rs.15,000 per month including renting an apartment for a single person. Rs. 20,000 would give them a luxurious life. What about the balance of 10,000 – 15,000? This is the amount a Softie would get with about 2 years experience.

These Girlies. Beg your pardon, for the silly title, but I couldn’t help it because they really behave like girlies! Well, they have no idea how to blow off the extra amount even after giving a substantial amount to the parents. Wow ! Her two hands are too small to hold so huge a set of currency notes.

Meantime, the parents would pester the daughter to get married and settle down in life. “You are nearly 25, darling. A single woman at that age is not respected in the Indian society, you see?”

“Oh, is it?”

Then the Girlie’s inner voice takes over. Visions of freedom appear before her eyes on a giant screen. This girlie has seen for herself some bigger girlies’ life style. “Oh Boy. That’s life, pal.. Get away. Go and enjoy yourself. Parents be damned…..”

Miss. G4, detests a married life. Hasn’t she seen enough of her own mother’s plight – cooking and cleaning and washing and swabbing this and that for hours on end? Mamma never had time to enjoy life at all ! What good being a wife and a mother then?”

One evening, after G4 returned home from work early, she packed all her things, both wanted and unwanted and left the parental home for good despite sweet and sweeter appeals and later harshest warnings. “I am going to live on my own,” she transmitted her farewell message and told her colleague G2 to drive on, and drive fast.

G4 is now in her single bedroom flat with an air conditioner. She goes on an inspection round of the flat. Very happy with the get up of the dwelling unit; she hastens her steps when she sights the kitchen. “Away,” she yells and walks past the room. “Cooking? What’s that?”

What for anyway with so many eateries in the neighbourhood?
No fixed eatery either. Why not a new one every time. If she feels lazy to walk long distances, she can always order her food for home delivery. But then, that would be only for Sundays. On the remaining days, the Company canteen would look after her – all the three meals.

What about her personal company? Well, G2 is almost next door and G3 is about 2 KM away. G1 is on live- in arrangement. She learns about the unwritten rules and practices of living-in life from colleagues, which include the men engineers. “It’s a marvelous life G4. It amounts to enjoying the best of both the worlds….”

After 3 months of lone living, G4 felt a little tired. During this period she had developed some intimacy with Monty Sundaram. In her opinion, he’s a gem. “How about it, Monty boy?” she asked him one day. Monty was only too happy and he moved into G4’s flat that very evening. And that very night was her nuptial night too. “A nuptial night without getting married? Great. Marriage is a union of two minds. Live-in means the same thing but without tying the nuptial knot.”

Life is fine for Monty and G4. More girlies join the company. As on date the men to women ratio is 65: 35. “Do all the women softies like the live-in kind of life?” Most of them do and some nuts live alone and suffer from loneliness.

A marriage offer had come for G4. She is a pretty maiden, you know? Software engineers are in great demand in the marriage market. One Srinivasan is fascinated to know that his future wife would bring in some Rs 55,000 every month. With his 45,000, they will be netting a clean Rs. One lakh. Hurrah ! Life with One hundred thousand rupees peer month?

After much coaxing G4 agrees to attend the ‘bride seeing’ ceremony in her parental home. “Just for one evening only. OK?. Then I go back to my own nest with Monty. OK?” Though shocked at her life style, the parents said nothing. They dared not. The marriage proposal itself had been brought to Srinivasan’s house by one famous marriage broker.

Days pass and the D day is only two days away. A news reaches Srinivasan’s mother’s ears that all was not well with G4. Missus Bhanumathy, is a very clever woman. She wouldn’t allow her son to marry a way ward girl much less a kind of prostitute. She puts a detective on the job and gives him just 36 hours to collect the character and behavioural details of this girl named G4. The detective takes hardly an hour to dig out the truth. “She is living-in with one Sundaram, Missus Bhanumathy. They have been virtually husband and wife, living in the same house for about six months but without an official marriage certificate. Sundram and G4 work in the same software company….”

“Is it so?” Bhanumathy Prasad responds with her eye brows arching like a pair of bows. “Non sense,” yelled Mister Ravi Prasad. “Call off the ‘seeing’ ceremony’ at once,” he shrieked out.

They did so indirectly. When the groom’s party didn’t turn up, the Girl’s father rang up Mr. Ravi Prasad to remind him of the evening’s function.

Ravi Prasad was a man of few words and his words had venom in them. “Mister Thandava rayan, are you aware, your daughter has been living with one Monty Sundaram for six months?” Then he let go his words of fire. “We don’t want a prostitute for a daughter- in- law in my house, no matter how beautiful she is…” and he put the phone down without waiting to hear the other’s reaction.

A fuming Thandava rayan directed his gun at his daughter Sumathi. “Is it true?” G4 Sumathi kept her mouth shut. “So, this is your freedom,eh? Get lost at this moment. Get out of this house ….”

G4 didn’t cry over the incident. She knew that this thunder would come on her one day.

Within an hour, she was back in her nest for two. Monty was at the entrance with a suit case in hand. “What?” G4 jerked at him with her chin. “Am leaving you, Sumathi. The arrangement is off from this moment. Am joining Nandini. I need variety, you see?” and Sundaram was off to his new live-in house.



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