Monday, December 11

Let us Love…and Dance And Sing!

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Let us love. That was the writing on the shirt of a teenager at the Fox Elipsus concert at Dink’s Cafe’. I needed a vacation from all of the investigations, corruption, murder, crime and courtroom hi-jinks that I typically report on. Fox and I met online due to our mutual interest in peace and activism. When Fox put on Facebook that he would be performing in Lexington, I worked it into my schedule. I convinced my mother and my brother, Brandon, to go along and asked many others. While Fox was fun and entertaining, Dink’s cafe’ was accommodating and the food was good, I owe thanks to a little girl named Josie for reminding me how to live life to the fullest.

Fox’s music ranges from peace and anti-war themes to silly, kid-friendly fare. His passionate vocals could be compared to George Michael one moment, Bono another and he even does a rendition of War is Over (So this is Christmas) mimicking all of the voices from the song.

Between songs we were entertained with stories from the road, life in England and enlightened on the struggle between his ‘old school’ conservative father and the life of a modest traveling musician. Most of the people in attendance had been following Fox on the internet and knew some of his music. There was a well-behaved crowd of teenagers that he knew by their names, several people he claimed were ex-lovers of his, a group of ladies and some of the best behaved children I’ve seen in a long time. One group sat and provided the percussion for many of Fox’s songs. Behind them sat Josie and her brother, both thoroughly enjoying the music.

As the concert progressed I felt the tension, stress, thoughts, plans and all the stuff weighing heavy on me slowly fade away. Suddenly, I was in the moment. I’m a deep thinker, the person that always looks like something is on his mind. This doesn’t usually happen to me. I had taken my camera with me and had planned to treat the concert like an assignment and report on it. What was going on that was different today than when I attend most events with my camera? Was it the music? Was it the atmosphere? Was it the fact that it was a free concert? Well, that never hurts, but no. All of these things were great but that night I was reminded about an important rule in life by a child.

Josie was REALLY enjoying the concert. When she sat, her legs were moving. When she stood, her whole body was moving. She sang along to the music out loud in front of a room full of strangers. When her body got tired she leaned against a couch and banged her head. Fox noticed her singing along and she joined him stage-side during the Cat and Mouse song and they played off of each other. She had a great time and everyone enjoyed watching her. I couldn’t help but thinking, “What if everyone here were to let go and enjoy the music and celebrate life like Josie?”

So, I take this time to thank Josie for reminding me to live life to the fullest. I will sing out loud to the songs I love, even the ones I don’t sing well. I’ll dance when my feet tell me to dance. I’ll bang my head when the song calls for it. Most of all, I’ll stop and take time to enjoy the soundtrack of my life while making friends along the way. Thank you, Josie, I hope you stay that way. I know I certainly will try to be more like you. There are some things we knew better when we were children.

Let us love…and dance and sing without holding back.

Check out Fox Elipsus at and CD’s are available on his website for $10 each. I recommend his most recent CD, The Road.



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