Wednesday, December 13

Skyping Around The World

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If you know the program Skype, you also know that it is a program with which you can talk to people all around the world. The longer the distance, however, the more difficult to get a good connection. What can you do to improve your connection when you want to talk to people over long distances?

Check the Windows Task Manager if you have Windows to find out which processes take up most of your resources and if there are ones you can close. With me, it’s Firefox which takes up most of my resources. As soon as I end the process and close it down, my Skype quality improves greatly.

Make sure beforehand that both your microphone and your earplugs or speakers work properly.

Don’t sit too far away from your microphone. Don’t whisper. Just talk as you normally would, maybe even a bit clearer as the long distance can still cause interferences.

If, for some reason, the connection quality is too bad, you can still type your messages in. Sometimes, one of you can hear the other but it’s not working the other way round. It might feel a bit weird if one of you talks and the other one types, but still you’re able to communicate.

Now enjoy talking with whomever you want to talk wherever he or she might be!


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