Monday, December 11

Celebrating Innocence: Announcing…the Not Guilty Site

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Recently I was contacted by a person who had read my articles on the kangaroo courts in Lexington, Kentucky. This person commented that Ray Larson’s website proudly displays information on plea bargains and convictions but mentions nothing about those found not guilty. Solution: a Not Guilty website. I loved the idea so I immediately registered

The Not Guilty Site will celebrate those who have been falsely accused of a crime and beat the odds by winning their innocence. Many people who are falsely accused of a crime must plea bargain a lighter sentence due to the extreme cost of going to court. In addition, there is always the danger of losing in court, even if the person is innocent. The rules for the prosecution to present evidence are more lenient than the rules allowing you to defend yourself. Worst of all, most prosecuting teams will fight to exclude any evidence that would point to your innocence. Sadly, prosecutors are in it for a win and not to find the truth if that would mean losing the case and exposing the city to prosecution.

I will also provide information on how to avoid winding up in a courtroom in the first place. More importantly, if you do wind up in court, what to look for in an attorney, how to defend yourself and what to expect in the courtroom. We will discuss prosecution tricks and the psychology of the courtroom. Prosecutors will ‘bait’ you and try to get you to call someone a liar or get under your skin and make you mad. A reaction to either of these will ‘poison’ you in front of the jury. Attorneys will tell you that principles are expensive. They are right. However, principles are important and sometimes worth the price paid in attorney’s fees. Attorneys are not to be trusted either. It is far easier to take $3000 and plea bargain your life away than to take $6000 and work for your innocence. A plea bargain takes little to no effort from your attorney. Essentially, they are getting paid for having a law degree and nothing else.

Consider this an invitation to send me your ideas for the site. I plan to provide answers to legal questions and hope to have some attorneys volunteer articles and advice. The main page, however, will feature a weekly selection from stories of lives renewed after winning their innocence back in court. Maybe this will bring some necessary attention to worst part of our criminal justice system…the cost of being falsely accused of a crime.

CNN, Fox News and your local network news all remind us every day of the crimes committed around us. The accused are paraded on our TV sets and on the front page of the newspapers. Guilty convictions are celebrated and plastered in Bold letters for everyone to see. Sadly, after being publicly paraded as a suspect in a crime, when your name is cleared hardly a mention is made of it. I want to change that.

Let’s remember to celebrate innocence and reach out a helping hand to those falsely accused of crimes.

Follow along as I report on courtroom issues you won’t find anywhere else.

The Not Guilty Site is not up yet but I will have my first pages up in the next few days. Thank you, in advance, for any comments and suggestions you may have to make this a useful and informative site for those falsely accused of crimes.


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