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Articles Critical of Local Government Trigger Cyber-Attacks on Journalist: Who Stops The Cops?

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Try to get help when the cops are the crooks and you’ll run into a dead end road. My short time as an Examiner covering the court system in Lexington, Kentucky has indeed been interesting. I have a history of dealing with the courts that has given me insight that most would not otherwise have. While I plan to discuss criminals and the crimes they commit, I have used my first articles to bring to light criminal behavior in the local courts, police department and city government. This choice has proven to have attracted the attention of exactly those whom I am reporting on; the criminal element in our local government. Years of dealing with harassment, false arrests and plain incompetence in local government has prepared me for the incidents we are about to discuss.

The first attack came from a Facebook invitation from the sister of a police officer accidentally killed on duty and discussed in my article, “Does Glenn Rahan Doneghy’s life matter?”. When I opened the invitation my virus program alerted me to the key-logger virus and informed me that it was unable to remove the virus. I bought two more programs and used the Microsoft malicious software remover program without any luck. This attack happened while I was on my new computer purchased to produce audio and video evidence of corruption and my false arrests. I immediately disconnected my hard drives and shut this computer down.

This wasn’t enough for these officers. Next, I was subscribed to a gay website called Every day I go to the website and also to the link on their e-mails and unsubscribe knowing that by that evening I will be added to their list again. I have contacted the website and am awaiting details on the IP address that keeps subscribing my e-mail address to their site.

Virus after virus after virus has been sent to me increasingly after my article titled, “More Marsupial Madness in Municipal Mansions”. This article called out the judges and prosecutors for the blatantly racist and elitist behavior displayed in Lexington courtrooms. I spend as much time cleaning my computer as I do researching or writing articles.

I’m not the only person, by far, that has been through harassment by the Lexington police department. Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh, for one, has gone through very similar abuses and false arrests at the hands of rogue officers. A few days ago I wrote an article including a plea for help from Pleas Lucian that has attracted a lot of attention. This sparked the biggest attack on my computer yet.

Craigslist ads for IPhones and other electronics at ridiculous prices were put up using my account and e-mail address. This resulted in a flood of e-mails and upset people that I had to deal with. My inbox is full of people wanting deals, Craigslist ads being put up, Craigslist ads being pulled down for being stolen merchandise and violations of terms. I have contacted Craigslist and they are cooperating with me on providing the IP address and information on who committed this act of harassment. While I cannot prove it yet, you can bet the odds are good this came from someone with forensic skills in the police department.

I have also contacted the Kentucky State Police, Ky. Attorney General’s office, F.B.I. and Internal Affairs at the Lexington Police department. I talked to a few helpful people at the KSP but the others were not only of little help but most were rude in addition. I recorded my phone calls with these agencies and will be including them in my next report as an update to this article. As a matter of fact, when told that this all began with the murder of a prostitute in 1999 most likely committed by Lexington police officers, the lady at Internal Affairs in Lexington surprised me. She quickly tried to opt out of investigating the current situation by claiming that if the officers accused in the murder no longer worked at the department they would not investigate the crimes committed in 1999 while they were on duty.

Information and details will start to come in at an increasing rate as the websites and investigators begin to cooperate and provide me with details and evidence. If the agencies set up to protect us cannot protect us from criminals among them, who will stop the cops? I’d like to try an experiment using the internet. Let’s make more people aware of this and make the internet the place where average citizens can police the police. Are you with me? I hope so. Follow along and let’s see where this experiment takes us.


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