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Story Of The Puddipuddi Attack

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The whole thing began on the notorious website called 4chan.

PUDDI first appeared on the /jp/ by a mod, invisibro at 9pm GTM. He shared the main video, and showed it to moot. Later the video was embed on the /tv/ and /b/ too. And then came the word-filter…

The terrible GigaPudding changed every single user comment to a bunch of PUDDIPUDDIs. The members first communicated with the subject line, but it was also PUDDIed soon. So you could only use images. Thing like the ‘offical talk with paint 4chan template’ appeared.

What’s that GigaPudding? Let’s see the orgigins.

The Past of PUDDI

Giga Pudding is a DIY toy kit, for creating a 20-servings pudding. It’s made by TakaraTomy, in Japan. They sell it in toy shops, and say it’s great for parties, and other meetings.

Their advertising is kinda nice. You can see their site here.

Here’s the offical ad video, which started the whole PUDDIPUDDI Attack. Only for those with a strong heart…

It’s a good thing, that you can find everything you need in the bucket. Including this cool guide.


And here’s the ad video, which started the whole thing!



It’s easy as hell! Just copy the following text, and paste it to as many places as you can!!!


Or you can buy the ultimate GigaPudding kit HERE.

Results of the attack

So 4chan users were left with the PUDDIPUDDI invasion. Their reactions were quiet different. Some /b/tards fled to safe channels like /new/, others used another version of /b/ where most of the pictures appeared as a 4chan text.

There were ideas like moot wants something with the whole puddi thing, and others just laughed.

Finnaly users started to flag the original video on youtube. And they succeded. The video and the word-filter were removed at 21:40 GTM on 1-12-2010.

One thing is sure. It’s a day we’ll never forget. A new meme rised! A lot artworks been created, mostly combinations of older memes, and the GigaPudding. These are like the puddibear.

The event also affected the popularity of PUDDIPUDDI and GigaPudding. Couple of videos were released on youtube like GigaPudding DUBSTEP Remix, and puddipuddi’s rank in the google system raised as hell.

Finnaly, I brought you the offical GigaPudding game!




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