Tuesday, December 12

“big Brother Dom”

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As a senior at PittsburgHigh School I am involved in Key Club, a community service group where recently we participated in the Aids Walk in San Francisco.I am also very involved in my church musically and in youth committees.I participated the past three years in the Passion Play where we are taught the series of events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus.In the 2009 Passion Play, I was chosen to play the lead part, Jesus which taught me the importance of leading and helping others.This October, my church put on an event called the 30hr food famine where we help families in need by not eating for 30 hours to represent the amount of children that die of hunger.I am also a cross country runner on the varsity team where I am taught to persevere and to encourage all runners, even those not on our own team because we know what its like and how hard it is to achieve each race.Aside from all I am apart of, my true passion is music.

In my four years at the high school, I have been an active musician in Jazz, Wind and Marching Band.My involvement with music started from when I was very young.I come from a family of musicians, but most importantly my oldest brother pursued music in college and is now a professional musician.With his example and the support of my family, my goal is to continue music after high school by attending the University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music.Starting from my freshmen year in high school, I was fortunate to make the top auditioned ensembles, Jazz Ensemble and Wind Ensemble.My experience in these ensembles made me push my musical abilities in reading, interpretation, and performance.

Having the privilege of performing in the top ensembles my freshmen year helped me grow musically.By my junior year I realized I was becoming someone my fellow peers looked up to.At this point I knew how much I cared about the band and wanted my senior year to be the best it could be.My fellow peers would constantly ask if I was going to audition for Drum Major which made me feel like they wanted me to be in the “Big Brother” role.Auditioning for Drum Major was always a thought and having the support of the band was enough for me to be convinced.When the results of the audition were announced, I was overwhelmed with joy.I knew I had a big task ahead of me especially on such an important year.

The skills I have attained as Drum Major have taught me how to be a better leader and myself at the same time.With each rehearsal and performance I impress the importance of performing at full potential while having a great time.My fondest memories of this season have been the two parades we participated in where we won each category and of our last home game.The last home game is memorable because it was exciting and intense at the same time.Our football team was doing well and the band was having a great time.This game was one of the most important of our season.The crowd was on their feet cheering because we were down by 8 points.We were in possession of the ball going in to score.Our team makes the touchdown and is going in for the two point conversion.The play was no good!The band was upset and I realized we needed to focus on supporting our team. I addressed the band by stressing how although our team may have lost, we still need to show our pride.The team counts on us to support them even after the game.

I am proud of all the accomplishments we have made this year as a band and most importantly as a family.My season started on a high note with placing third as Drum Major and the band winning the overall award at the Walnut Festival Parade.My achievement came as a surprise because I was more concerned for the outcome of the band. When I found out that the band won the “Nut” or king walnut award, my heart nearly stopped because we had won this award a total of twenty times to have lost last year.This year we had an outstanding performance that earned us our twenty-first walnut award. The band had another outstanding performance in San Francisco at the Italian Heritage Parade where again we placed first in all categories. I felt very proud with winning first place drum major because of the hard work that it took.

Overall, all my experiences have taught me how leadership comes from commitment, initiative and being true to who you are. When I was three years old, I watched the Pittsburg High School Marching Show Band from the sideline and now being seventeen as “Big Brother Dom”, I am extremely fortunate to have been and continue to be a huge part of all its accomplishments.


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