Sunday, December 17

Are There Too Many People in The World?

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Overpopulation is really starting to have negative effects on the world, and it seems that there are too many people in the world, and something needs to be done about it before it’s too late.

You may be aware of China’s one baby policy, which may have been a harsh restriction on families, but was nevertheless a completely necessary policy, due to millions of people starving due to overpopulation.

China is now doing pretty well, and it is hard to tell if they would be doing quite as well now if they had a population of three billion.

Overpopulation causes pollution, a leaching of nutrients from the soil, destruction of natural habitats, extinctions of millions of species of flaura and fauna, and the more so called “progress” a society makes, the worse all of these things get.

There are too many people in the world, and people need to start taking it seriously before there are serious wars faught over natural resources like land, oil, even water.

Do I seem to be too alarmist? We already know that the world may be almost uninhabitable in a hundred years or so due to global warming, but this is much worse, because it is indirectly the cause of global warming, the cause of every problem that may destroy the human race, and that problem is the human race itself.

There are just too many people in the world, and we must move past instincts that tell us to reproduce abundantly, and forget about politically correct religious propaganda that says every life is sacred if we want to survive as a species at all.

I don’t want to sound too much like Hitler when I say this, but if you can’t stop people from reproducing through education, and incentives, then you have to find a way to cleanse society of the weak, the sick, and the evil.

We are the only species without a natural predator, and we are destroying ourselves, something that no other species is even capable of.

Ironically, if we started killing ourselves quickly, it would in fact save the human race from a slow death by our own hands from the complete destruction of our natural environment in the future.

So, who needs to die? How can we get rid of some people quickly? I suggest the first step would be to legalize suicide, so that those who didn’t want to live wouldn’t have to.

The next step might be to legalize drugs for those willing to be sterilized. The next step, legalize killing criminals rather than wasting resources keeping them alive in jail, so long as they are repeat offenders.

People with genetic disorders that they might pass on to the next generation should be encouraged to be sterilized as well, to protect the gene pool, and so, the strongest, and hopefully smartest survive.

People are great at living in denial. They can know full well that something like this is neccesary, but disagree with it on moral grounds, while the entire human race moves closer to extinction.

I doubt that any of the things I mention will happen, in fact, I believe the human race will be wiped out by nuclear fallout in the next world war before global warming even starts to take effect, but nevertheless, if there is any hope that the human race will survive at all, something will eventually have to be done about the fact that there are too many people in the world.


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