Friday, December 15

How to Earn From Google Adsense?

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What are the most common problem encountered by making money using adsense:

1.  I have joined google adsense and I did not earn anything.

2.  I put my google adsense on my blog or website but I did not get any visitors.

3.  I got tired of SEO and my website or blog cannot be found in the top ten search of any engine.

4.  I did not have any clicks on my google adsense.

This are some of the most common questions, not just you but a lot of people out there.  Earning money in google adsense is not that easy.  Some people will even get banned by using dirty tricks on forcing to earn from adsense, but there are ways to easily earn from what you have started.

The solution:

If you have ventured in Google adsense, therefor you must know how to do simple writings.  You, could eventually write something.  If you have failed earning from yourblogand website since you cannot get a top ranking in SEO or search engine optimization, and you got tired of promoting your blog or website where people don’t even want to click on the ads posted in your blog.

Then make yourself ready for the next level, since there are already sites developed in order that you will earn from your google adsense.  By, incorporating your adsense on what you write, upload or any content you like to do.  This site will also pay you for the views that you will get from your content aside from your adsense.  You can write anything under the sun, you can write reviews, how to’s, poems and upload pictures and videos.  Isn’t it great, and the best thing is your content if unique enough it will be in the top 10 of the top search engines in the internet.

The best thing also is, the placement of your adsense ads are located at the key location where viewers can see it and actually will click on it.  The ads are well incorporated that you will gain clicks later one.


Start earning from your adsense.


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