Friday, December 15

Importance in Knowing Your Job Description

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What is a Job description?

Job description – (wikipedia) is a list of general task, or functions, and responsibilities of a position.  It may often include to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualification or skill needed by the person in the job, or salary range.  Read More on wikipedia

Why is it important to know your job description?

1.  Knowing you job description is very important specially when you are going to apply for work.  Looking at the job description given by the employer on what they are looking for and comparing it to your job description would make it easy to determine whether you are qualified or not.  Hence, saves you time and effort in applying for a job.  If your job description fits in the job description of what the employer needed, then you can be hired on the spot.

2.  When you will be hired and become an existing employee, knowing your job description will avoid you from any unfair labor practices that can be done by your employer.  On what unfair labor practices that can be done by your employer please read:Click Here for the list of unfair labor practices that can be done by your employer.

3.  Knowing your job description will determine your status of employment and the connection or bonding of employer-employee relationship. Employer-employee relationship is the main factor in determining control over you and this will be used also in determining what right you can apply if your employer will commit any unfair labor practices.  Knowing the status of your employment is very important, there are instances where development is automatic provided by law.

To know your employment status –Click here

4.  In case the company is retrenching for a valid cause, job descriptions are the first to be look at by the employers which one will go out first and who are not needed anymore.

To know your job description will not just avoid you the hassle of applying from one company to another who don’t need your skills and would just waste your time, it will also help you later on when you are employed on the limit where you can exercise your right.


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