Monday, December 11

Retractable Banner Stands- Effective Tool to Market Your Product

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The extra functionality required to get banners to attract attention has popularized the need for banner stands. Needless to say, there are several types of banner stands—of these, the retractable banner stand out for many reasons.

In order to clear the air, it’s important to note that these banners are often referred to in different ways. The current synonyms for retractable banners include “roller up banners”, “pull up banners” or simply as “banner stands”. Whatever the name, retractable banner stands are popular for a number of unique reasons. Apart from being very portable and easy to transport, retractable banners provide an un-paralleled functionality by the ease with which they can be set up and dismantled—just within seconds!

Added to the functionality of retractable banners comes the added advantage of variety and versatility. The market in flooded with several options to choose from. Some of the categories/options (though arbitrary to be honest) include standard, deluxe, professional and double sided. The main options available in those “special classes” include weight and dimensions. If you want to be adventurous though, you can choose between other exquisite options such as telescopic poles, padded bags, hard casing and other optional extras—at increased rates of course!

Cost-wise, there are several “justifiable”determinants. Obvious among these are the shape, size, complexity of design, color and a few others. There are other not-too-obvious price determinants such as the quality of the printing. Should you decide to choose ultra-violet printed graphics for example, then you should be prepared to pay more.

Other price determinants include the material you choose to use for your retractable banner—this has to be chosen carefully though. The material you choose for making your retractable banner should be purpose-informed. If you are making a retractable banner for a single event as opposed to a long-term banner, the materials you choose will greatly vary—unless you’ve got all the money to throw around of course!  

The quality of retractable banners is directly affected by the manner you choose—you get what you pay for. As a general rule however, long-term outdoor banners are better done with strong glossy colors and it is prudent to obtain a written color –fading guarantee else your money might go up in flames after a few weeks!

Finally, if you are an environmentalist (we should all be), then choosing UV ink is quite environment friendly—if you are ready to pay the price!!



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