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Customs Which Must be in The Wedding China !!

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Tea Pai or often called tea ceremony

This usually is done by Chinnese people who will get married
and this is very important for the bride to serve the elderly people which had been instrumental in raising them both.
And the event have to be done before 12:00PM. But in this time, many of which are held in the afternoon day .

This is mean anything in because the core of this event there was the intention of the bride & groom.

Provision of tea pai to parents or relatives who are married means bride & groom wants to serve people who are already serving them from childhood and want to reply them by giving tea.

usually, bride who is give tea to the groom-in-law
while the groom is holding a trays
that means the bride who must serve man-in-law and so on until the family of the groom run out.
instead of the groom who served the bride’s family, this is called working together in a household to build marriage & shoulder to shoulder each other.


which means giving prosperity to the bride’s parents.
Gold in china custom interpreted as a symbol of eternity and prosperity

Angpao is envelope with red colour.

Angpao gift in the bag means to groom a man who will be in charge of household finances and responsible in all financial dealings.
Angpao red means happiness and joy

Spread yellow rice

Spread yellow rice is usually done before the event teapai when shuttle pickup from the house of the groom or a woman
Spread meaning of yellow rice is believed of full of prosperity and good fortune for the bride and groom.

Content of yellow rice is 3 parts
1.yellow Rice = prosperity
2.Coin = Full of fortune
3.Candy = sweetness of married life
all mixed into one
Spread bride is entitled to parents and families who want to give a blessing / luck to the bride

This is only a little part of the custom of China tradition.

Will continue with another article.


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