Thursday, December 14

Holiday Service: A Seasonal Job That Suits The Upcoming Holiday!

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The holiday season is fast approaching and everybody seems to be busy. A lot of us is looking for someone that could help us..decorate our home.. the Christmas tree..bought presents for our love ones..prepare the menu for the holiday season and much more.

                                With all these I’ve been thinking to start a seasonal job or business and I came up of the holiday service.. This business is temporary only and just for the holidays.. it works well for me and hope that it would work for you too..and if things run smoothly I am thinking of extending it for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings..

                                I have written some simple tips that could become helpful if you want to start with this business too.

  1. Create a marketing plan, Start by identifying possible clients like busy seniors and families.

  2. You may also develop a brochure or business card that you could give away to people that you meet.

  3. Tell your friends and family about your business to help you scatter the word around your neighborhood.

  4. Post fliers in local hot spots like churches, supermarkets, gas stations and schools.

  5. Decorate your own home and take pictures of it to make it us a portfolio for you to be able to present to possible clients

  6. Tell your best friend that you will decorate your own home for free in exchange of pictures and a testimonial from him /her.

  7. Prepare the needed materials for your business such as ladders, wire, scissors and other materials you need to decorate a home.

  8. Decide how much you will charge for your service and be sure to include your expenses like transportation expenses and the materials that you have provided and used.

  9. Decide what type of service you are going to provide, if you are  just going to decorate indoors or outdoors, ran errands such as to buy presents or just do the shopping.

  10. If  you have decided to do decorations, decide also if you are going to create decorations such as wreathes or will you just use the ones that your client have.

  11. Consider also if you are going to include planning and obtaining materials as part of your service or you will just use the materials that your client has on hand.

Hope that this simple tips are useful and will work out well for you..

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