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Vinyl Lettering Installation Instructions

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Wall decor can be personalized to decorate your walls with the name of your children, your family motto, or favorite quote. Vinyl wall decor is as easy to apply as it is to remove. Using a few household tools, you can apply vinyl wall quotes quickly and more precisely than wall stencils of the past


Most vinyl lettering is packaged with backing material, and some include a popsicle or smoothing stick. Remove the contents from the package. With your vinyl lettering in hand, figure out the perfect location for your wording. Although there is no wrong location for your vinyl design, it’s a good idea to match specific quotes to specific rooms. For example, “Bon Apetit” would be appropriate in the kitchen. Find a location you think best suits the message.

Align Your Quote

When you find the exact location, draw light pencil marks on the wall as guides. Nothing is worse than applying a wall quote that is not straight. Take your time to measure the exact location of your quote. Use a ruler to measure. Align and secure your wall quote to the wall using tape. Make sure the backing material is against the wall, with the letter side up. You should be able to see the quote facing you.

Remove the Backing

Before you can apply your wall vinyl, you need to remove the backing. Fold the quote upwards without removing the quote from the wall. Remove the backing material completely from your quote, and then slowly start pressing your quote downward on the wall to adhere the quote. The quote will be very sticky once the backing material is removed. It is important that you apply the vinyl tightly to the wall without any creases or kinks.


With your vinyl page on the wall, make sure you smooth the words to secure them to the wall. Use the straightedge provided by the kit or a ruler to smooth. Start at the center of the quote and move your way outwards towards the edges. This smoothing process aids in transferring the letters to the wall. Continue this process a few times to ensure the letters have fully transferred.

Removing the Transfer Paper

Begin removing the transfer paper in the upper left hand corner. Start slowly. If you find that the letters have not completely transferred to the wall and are still on the transfer paper, place the paper back against the wall and rub with your straightedge until the letters have transferred. Then continue removing the paper one letter at a time.

Smoothing the Letters

Once the letters are on the wall, smooth out the letters with your hand. This will make sure that each letter is secured to the wall.


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