Monday, December 11

How to Find Real Estate Buyers

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Wholesaling in real estate is a common way for people to start investing. It doesn’t require any money. All it takes is time and some expertise. You need to do three important things: find properties to wholesale, get them under contract, and find buyers. It is important to know who your buyers are going into it so that you know what they want. Here are some ways to find buyers for your wholesale deals.

Attend your local REIA (Real Estate Investor Association) meeting. Pass out your business cards and even flyers, if allowed. Inform everybody you come in contact with that you find wholesale deals. Ask fellow investors if they would be interested in purchasing deals from you if the numbers are right. Build up a database of these people. Collect their name, phone number, and email so you can notify them once you find a deal. Also ask them what types of properties they look for.

Attend a foreclosure auction. This is not to bid on a foreclosure, but to meet rehabbers. Most people who attend these auctions are investors who buy properties cheaply, fix them up, and then sell them off. Exchange business cards with these people and add them to your database.

Place an ad on craigslist with your listings.


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