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The Manny “pacman” Pacquiao Confessions Part 2: Notes About A Recent Interview On The Congressman In Action! (Page 2)

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Freddie Abando, the interviewer, then mentioned how people would line up outside his office to seek assistance. Pacquiao would then say that although he’s always willing to help, he could not possibly help everybody. “I am not Superman. I am only Manny Pacquiao and I’m only human,” he added. Jinky, Manny’s better half, was said to be helping him in organizing several livelihood programs for their constituents. Pacquiao would then mention that it is not right to always provide money as direct assistance for the people, except perhaps for emergency situations like someone in the family needs to undergo surgery and the like. According to him, a better and long-term solution to poverty is to provide means for people to earn a living… give them sources of income so that they can take care of their own families. He said that building of learning institutions like TESDA, where people could undergo specialized training in several blue-collar skill-oriented jobs is in the works. Not being able to finish his studies, Pacquiao knows the importance of education and was said to be supporting about a thousand scholars and paying for the basic needs in their basic education. These are kids from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


When asked of the possibility of one of his two sons getting into boxing, he politely answered that he doesn’t want his kids to ever take up boxing. He then said that in their house, there are no boxing paraphernalia of any kind so that his kids would not find any inclination to take up boxing, a field that Pacquiao considers so hard and difficult. He would then say that he just wants his kids to finish their studies, something he wasn’t able to achieve due to several limitations.


When the topic shifted to the people around him, which could include some would most refer to as leeches who might just want to prey on his fortunes, Pacquiao said with gusto “I don’t choose my friends. I have all sorts and kinds of friends. I have friends who are bad people and slightly bad ones… I have friends who are good people and some who are slightly good ones.” He would then add that he would even prefer to befriend bad people so that he could have an opportunity to be a good influence and guide them towards the right path.


Pacquiao’s position on the controversial reproductive health bill was also discussed. He made it clear that he was against it for the following reasons; first and foremost, it is against God’s laws, quoting a verse from the Bible “Go to the world and multiply.” He said that if that law will be amended, people will no longer have freedom and added that personal sacrifice and abstinence is the best way. He then said that increasing population is not the root cause of poverty… corruption is! He said that every fiscal year, the government allocates a national budget that is based on population. The thing is, this money doesn’t go where it’s supposed to because of greed and corruption  among those in power.  Pacquiao also emphasized that change cannot and will not happen overnight. It should start somewhere… it should start from each and every person.


The boxer who owns eight world championships in eight weight divisions reiterated his plan to finally hang up his gloves at 35. He’ll be turning 32 on the 17th and he said that there are only one, two or three more fights left for him. He said that Mayweather is definitely the biggest fight possible and the matchup that everybody wants to see. When asked about his opinion whether he believes that Mayweather is scared of him or not, Pacquiao said that “It’s unfair for Mayweather if we judge him that he’s scared of me. I don’t believe he is. Perhaps, he and his camp just have reasons that we don’t know and only they can explain.”


In closing, Abando asked Pacquiao who his political idol is. Pacquiao, without hesitation mentioned national hero Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, husband of the late former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino and father to present president Noynoy Aquino. He said he admires Ninoy’s candidness and sincerity. He spoke without any mixture of politics and what he said, he did. Will Pacquiao follow the political footsteps of his idol? Only time can tell…

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