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The Manny “pacman” Pacquiao Confessions Part 2: Notes About A Recent Interview On The Congressman In Action!

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Tungod, Inabanga, Bohol – Last month, we were lucky enough to catch a lengthy Pacquiao interview where he declared some personal confessions that I’m sure a lot of us haven’t heard nor read before. If you haven’t read the piece I wrote regarding that particular interview, you may want to read it first and follow this link… The Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao Confessions: Things You Might Have Not Heard Or Read Before! Just as I thought I’ve heard or read just about everything I need to know about the man, I would once again stumble and watch in awe, as this generation’s finest boxer inside and outside the ring speaks his mind with Freddy Abando for an hour in the latter’s TV show “Congress In Action” shown Wednesday, December 1st (Philippine time) nationwide on NBN channel. I bet a lot of you weren’t fortunate to catch the interview, but worry not and count yourselves lucky because we are going to discuss hereunder what Pacquiao had to say.


In his first term as representative of his congressional district, Pacquiao spoke about his program of governance that focuses on livelihood, health care, and education. “I’ve been to many places and have talked to my colleagues in congress… I found out that Sarangani is probably the only province in the Philippines without a provincial hospital, so I asked our beloved President Noynoy Aquino for financial assistance and he was kind enough to allocate that budget for the project,” Pacquiao said in Filipino. The construction of a provincial hospital with an estimated budget of PhP 200M for Saranggani Province, which he said will commence early next year is his first major project. He also mentioned that he is expecting seven ambulances to be provided for each of the seven municipalities in his province in exchange or as talent fee for endorsing the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Pacquiao also mentioned his plan to build more classrooms for the public schools in Saranggani province. He then spoke about the harsh reality about the schools in their place. Teachers, he said, would just bring a small blackboard with them under a tree and do her class under the tree’s shade.


There is always an amazing aura of fulfillment, joy, and pride everytime Pacquiao speaks about his childhood… this despite the difficulties and struggles he and his family had to face and endure. He spoke about days when they had nothing to eat, which basically prompted him and his brother to look for ways to earn some money to buy a few kilos of rice. Twelve was the age Pacquiao said he started boxing as an amateur. Since they knew their mother would not allow them to join boxing, they kept it secret, just reassuring her that the money they gave her did not come from evil means. “I did not enter boxing because I like it… I boxed so that we can buy rice,” he said. At that time, as an amateur fighter, the winning purse was a measly PhP 100 (roughly $2) and PhP 50 for the loser. When asked whether their mother ever noticed any bruises to his face that would have made her think that he was into boxing, he said “We were using head gear so she didn’t notice anything.”


Pacquiao also expressed how much he respects, admires, and loves his mother Dionesia. According to him, she would rise at early dawn and by 5am, she would wake them all up (3 boys and 1 girl) so that they could pray the rosary together. Afterwards, she would do laundry (by hand) for their neighbors and later on work at the fish cracker factory. This was her daily routine back in the day. She had to work extra hours to be able to feed and provide for her four children alone, noting that her husband, Manny’s father, has left them. Pacquiao is also proud of the fact that fame and fortune did not influence her mother to change, particularly on the spiritual aspect. He said that he would purposely test her with money and material blessing, only to realize that her faith and usual prayers never waivered.


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