Monday, December 18

Sex Before Marriage.

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sex should not just be for married couples

you cant really expect people to always wait before they are married to have sex. sex before marriage is alright acutally. I do not mean go out and have sex with the next moving thing you see, sex should mostly involve passion and love, not just lust. I know that lust and love can come together quite nicely but still sex should be about love. Now people say that having sex before marriage is “immoral” and the “wrong” thing to do. why is it wrong? why is it so immoral? it should be a choice. sex should be a choice and people shouldnt pressure people to wait because sex can be an excelent way to express the way one feels for someone else, durring sex youre at least able to feel what that other person feels for you. if it feels like there was more want than love in there, then you know that they mostly just want you. Also people shouldnt have sex just to do it. that is where it becomes wrong, in a way. like i have said, sex is a choice. we are all individuals and have different wants, needs, and opoinions and views, now one must not munipulate someone into thinking one way is right and the rest is wrong, you are your own person. do what you believe will be right or what you think you want. it is your own body, your own choice, and your own life. having sex is nothing bad, its a very good way to get closer to somebody, well the person you love at least, if you do it just to do it then well its your choice. people, you should stand up for what you want and what you think is right for you and be individuals, not just follow a crowd because you feel like no one will like you for who you are, do what you would like to do regardless of what society thinks, this is how society changes, by individuals standing up for what they believe in and influencing others to do so as well. now maybe some day sex before marriage wont be such a bad thing and it wont be so looked down upon and make people feel ashamed of themselves becuase of it. dont be ashamed unless you regret it. sex isnt something thats wrong, you decide what is right for you and what is wrong, it is all mostly just opinion and the way it is viewed by society anyways.



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