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Dr. (Isaac) Watts, an Anti-Trinitarian: Demonstrated in A Review

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Welcome to the Still Waters Revival Books video book summary for “Dr. (Isaac) Watts, an Anti-Trinitarian: Demonstrated in A Review of Dr. Samuel Miller’s Letter to the editor of the Unitarian Miscellany” (1821) by James R. Willson

This book is a review of a letter written by Prof. Samuel Miller.

Prof. Miller had preached a sermon in which he had noted that Unitarians are not Christians, and in response a Unitarian periodical had published a heated attack on Miller. Miller thus wrote a reply to the attack, but the Unitarian periodical would not print it. Miller’s reply was then published separately.

Willson reviews Miller’s letter and points out that he clearly refutes the Unitarian’s published attack. There was only one problem with Miller’s argument; he claims that Isaac Watts was a Trinitarian. Watts was not, in fact, a Trinitarian, and Willson considered this point important enough to demonstrate from Watts’ own work that he does not hold to the orthodox view of the Trinity.

After citing portions of Watts’ writing, Willson states, “In these quotations Watts cannot be misunderstood. He most distinctly denies the existence of three persons in the Trinity, and makes the Son and Holy Ghost to be mere faculties, physical faculties, or attributes. The Son and Holy Ghost, in his view, are no more persons, than the human understanding and will are persons.”

Thus, Isaac Watts, a favorite hymn writer of evangelicals, actually held to what Willson, Miller, and Turrettin all agree (in this book) is a “damnable heresy.” For as Willson points out, Turrettin maintains, that no anti-trinitarian can be saved, while continuing in the belief of anti-trinitarianism. Contains 19 (8.5″ x 11″) newly typeset pages.

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