Friday, December 15

What to do if You Have a Hard Time Dating

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Date more per day

If you’re just waiting on one guy who doesn’t really get it on with you, then you’re wasting valuable time. You need to date a lot so you can get to know more people. It’s your life and your future. You need to date more per day. Instead of dating one or two person per month, you should try dating about 30 people per month to get to know them all. You don’t have to sleep with all of them but you can get to know them to see if they’re compatible with you. You have nothing to lose.

Online sites

You should get to know more people online. The whole entire world is online. I don’t know anyone who is not online. If they’re not online, they must not be single. Online dating is so much better and quicker, so you should date online.

Social events

You should go to social events to get to know more people. The more social you are the more chances you will have at finding people.

Scan them over the phone

If you can’t go out on dates with them then you can scan them over the phone. You can get to know people over the phone. This is considered a quick date. The more people you can talk to the more you will be able to come closer to your relationship goals.

Give yourself a chance

You should give yourself a chance. If the world doesn’t give you a chance then you should take the liberty to give yourself a chance. You should love yourself and open more doors for yourself.

Take risk

Dating is very risky. Some people died over love, you’ve read over the news. They kill each other and they end their love. Love is a really intense type of relationship that can destroy people if they don’t go right so you should know that. However, you should proceed with precaution and take some risk because you might find the love of your life.

It’s better to love and lost

It’s better to love and lost and not to have love at all. It’s better to have 1% of 10 then to have 100% of nothing. You can’t always have 100% of everything, but you can certainly have a good percentage of it.

It can happen

Love can happen if you allow it to happen. It won’t happen if you won’t allow it to happen. You don’t live four lives, so you should let it happen.


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